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The following meetings were held to organize a new Fourth Degree Assembly. On Oct. 29th, 1999 John Bachand, Master - MN Fourth Degree, sent out an invitation to attend a meeting to discuss the establishment of a new assembly in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. It was sent to 82 members in the area for a meeting to be held on the evening of Nov. 9th, 1999.

Fourteen attended the meeting and arrived at the following reason to establish the new assembly.

  1. Travel distance to meetings.
  2. Easier to meet new members (size of membership).
  3. A start-up assembly would allow more involvement as officers / committee members.
  4. Help with recruiting new members.
  5. Not mandatory to transfer ( We stand with open arms to welcome new members).
Those in attendance agreed that a new assembly should be established as soon as possible. A nominating / organization committee was established. The next meeting was set for Nov. 23rd, 1999.

At the Nov. 23rd meeting they established a nominating committee and set Nov. 30th to meet and vote on proposed set of officers.

At the Nov.30th meeting the slate of officers was read and voted on. After the voting the meeting was turned over to the new Navigator, Orlin Wicks.

Several items were addressed - name of assembly ( Good Shepherd ), dues ( $30.00 ) and the next meeting to be held an Dec. 14, 1999. At the Dec. 14th meeting the Fourth Degree Order OF Business was used to conduct the meeting.

At the Jan. 4th meeting, planning took place to install officers at the Feb. 1st meeting.

We now had a good start to our meetings and they continue to be held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Fridley KC Hall.
As a result of the actions taken we received the Authorization to Establish the Good Shepherd Assembly #2604 dated Dec. 16th, 1999.

Being the fact that it was already December the officers went on and served for the next year.


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