The order's association with the National Shrine is as old as the shrine itself. "Since the laying of the shrine's cornerstone in 1920, the Knights of Columbus has made the National Shrine part of its own apostolate of strengthening and supporting the Church in the United States," said Msgr.Walter R. Rossi, rector of the National Shrine and a member of the Queen of the Americas Council 11304 in Takoma Park, MD.

"Through tangible gifts such as the Knights' Tower, the ushers program, and now the Incarnation Dome, the Knights of Columbus shows its dedication to this patronal church of the United States and its devotion to the Mother of God," Msgr Rossi added.

The idea for the Incarnation Dome dates to the 1950's, when a committee overseeing the National Shrine's artwork proposed that the buildlng's three domes be decoratred with mosaic art. The themes were the Redemption, the Incarnation, and the Trinity and Mary. The Redemption Dome was dedicated in 2006 and the third dome is being planned for 2009.

Matteo Randi and Luciano look over the design map of a mosaic being installed June 15. Francesco Moretto and Alessio Calvani measure
a section of the Incarnation Done during its
installation last summer.

The Redemption Dome, which was dedicated to 2006, is seem adjacent to the National Shrine's Great Upper Church.

Read a 1959 Columbia article about the dedication of the Nation Shine at Supreme's Web site.(This will take away from this site)

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Posted 3 Feb 2008