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Book 2008                                                   “IN GOD WE TRUST”                                      August


THE WILLMAR EXEMPLIFICATION IS October 25th.  Candidates and their wives in addition to Sir Knights and their Ladies are welcome to attend the Friday night Fall Picnic Buffet hosted by the Msgr. Anatole Oster Assembly and the live band featuring the “Ancient Age”.  The Fall Picnic Buffet is similar to the Summer Picnic Buffet at the State Convention.  The food and entertainment was great!


I am requesting the exemplification candidates to be registered by 11:45 a.m. on Saturday.  Candidate registration will start at 11:00 a.m. in front of Gallery VII in the Willmar Convention Center.  Candidates should be dressed in a black tuxedo, white formal shirt with down collar, black formal bow tie, black cummerbund, black shoes and socks.  No white gloves are required.  They will receive their social baldric and lapel pins at the exemplification.  The wives of the candidates will receive a patriotic ribbon which they are asked to wear to identify them as a Lady of a new Sir Knight.  The candidate fee remains at $70 which includes one banquet meal ticket.  Candidates should be encouraged to bring their wife.  One of the biggest disappointments of past exemplifications that I hear from new Sir Knights is that they weren’t encouraged to bring their wife.  They thought it was a “men’s thing”.  The Knights of Columbus is a family organization.


Faithful Navigators and Comptrollers I need your assistance on registration.  The deadline for candidate registration is October 5th (Completed Form 4 with $70 remittance if the candidate is to be listed in the program. This allows time for me to get copy to the printer and the printer time to prepare the program booklet and get it back to me. I will accept Form 4 applications up to the time of the exemplification provided they are completed including the council and assembly certifications, the membership number and the date the applicant received the First Degree. Remember a candidate must be a Third Degree member and have received his First Degree on or before April 24, 2008.  A written waiver must be obtained from the Vice Supreme Master on applicants that have not been in the order for a minimum of a year. The deadline for mailing registrations with the remittance for meals is October 15th.  I would encourage the Sir Knights to send their registration and remittance directly to me by the cut off date.  I have to compile and guarantee the numbers to the caterer by October 22nd.  Faithful Comptrollers please do not hold reservations beyond October 15th.  You are not doing me or the Sir Knights of the assembly a favor by doing so. Close your office October 15th and have the late bloomers send their reservations directly to me.  In doing so you shift the responsibility to me in the event meal accommodations can not be made.  We had to turn people away at the last exemplification because they assumed they could get meal tickets at the last minute or at the registration desk.  They may not be available. This is embarrassing when a sponsor can’t get a banquet ticket to sit with his candidate or a candidate can’t get a banquet ticket for his wife. Sir Knights can down load exemplification meal registration and information forms from the Minnesota State Knights of Columbus web site.  Click on the 4th Degree emblem, then on “Forms” in the red border which will take you to the form desired.  We are fortunate and thankful to the MN State Council for providing this service for us.  Please give me a holler by telephone or email if you have questions regarding the Willmar Exemplification.


MEMBERSHIP is the lifeline of a council or assembly. The Minnesota District of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus had a membership of 3,748 on July 1, 2007.  Our numbers July 1, 2008 are 3,831; a District increase of 83.  We exemplified 206 new members in October and April.  Yes, we did have some suspensions but the numbers were small.  We are losing Sir Knights to our Heavenly Father and we are not replacing His calling.  The following assemblies are not keeping up with the death rate and need immediate recruitment efforts:  #525; #526; #528; #530; #531; #532; #542; #544; #545; #546; #549; #552; #1318; #1637; #1684; #1728; #2604;  Now is the time to visit the councils and solicit members for the Fourth Degree. Does your assembly have representatives at councils within your assembly jurisdiction?  Sending a council a letter is not going to cut the mustard.  You have to make an appointment with the Grand Knight to make a presentation at his council meeting.  You should give the GK ample time to announce your visit to the council so interested members can adjust their schedules to attend the council meeting. If you want to be successful in your membership growth you have to work at it. Ideally you bring in a member at the Willmar Exemplification who will in turn bring in members at the Minneapolis, Exemplification who will in turn bring in members at the Duluth Exemplification who will in turn bring in members at the St. Paul Exemplification etc.  Your new members are your best resource for recruitment and they will keep the assembly active and growing if you welcome them.  Good Luck!!


DIST. MASTER’S KC CALENDAR:                                                                                                               

Sept 4th – VAVS Committee Meeting – Minneapolis Veteran’s Hospital

Sept 6th – Installation of Assembly Officers – Austin, Albert Lea & Wells

Sept 7th – Installation of Officers – Rochester & Winona

Sept. 11th – Installation of Officers - Duluth

Sept. 14th – Installation of Officers – Brainerd, Little Falls, St. Cloud

Sept. 15th- Installation Mass for Bishop Designate Fr. LeVoir @ New Ulm

Sept. 21st – Family event

Sept 23rd – Installation of Officers – Moorhead

Sept. 27th – Installation of Officers – Crookston

Sept. 28th – Installation of Officers – Alexandria

Oct 3rd – 5th – Provincial Meeting – Oshkosh, WI

Oct 7th – Installation of Officers - Marshall

Oct. 10th – 12th – Exemplification – Columbus, WI

Oct 16th – Installation of Officers – St. Peter, Mankato & New Ulm & Waseca

Oct 24th – 25th – Exemplification - Willlmar

Nov 2nd – Family event

Nov 6th through Nov 9th – Annual Retreat – Lake Elmo


KC DAY AT THE DOME was Sunday August 17th.  The game was preceded by the celebration of the Eucharist at a 10 a.m. Mass.  PFN Jim Burkhart did another excellent job in coordinating this tenth anniversary event.  The tent was overflowing, the music was awesome, the liturgy beautiful and as always Former State Chaplain Father Joe Richards gave an inspiring homely.  The Color Guard including our Worthy Vice Supreme Master Greg van der Hagen and under the leadership of Commander Roger Van Risseghem presented the Colors at the game in a very dignified and patriotic manner. I have a few pictures of the Color Guard presenting the colors and the group with “TC” the Twins mascot that I will share with you if I can figure out how to get them loaded on the computer.  It was a day in which we were proud to be a member of the Knights of Columbus.


IN A LETTER I RECEIVED FROM SUPREME MASTER JOSEPH P. SCHULTZ dated August 12, 2008 he writes:  “It is my pleasure to reappoint you Master of the Minnesota District for a term effective September 1, 2008 and concluding August 31, 2010”.  Sir Knights it has been a true honor meeting and serving you the past two years and God willing you will be stuck with me for another two years.  I am looking forward to your continued support.   Yes, District Marshal Mike Brant has agreed to work with me for another two years.  I don’t what I would do without his support.


LADY JAN AND I have enjoyed meeting and visiting with you while participating in many of your officer installations and we look forward to those still on the schedule.  Jan and I extend our prayers and best wishes to you and your families for a very safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend.


Please share this information with your assembly membership.  This “brief” may be copied or forwarded as deemed appropriate.  May God Bless you in your service to build His Kingdom and May God continue to Bless America!


Tom Grinnell – District Master

Minnesota District