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Book 2009                                                   “IN GOD WE TRUST”                                      February


SPRING EXEMPLIFICATION: is April 18th at the Northland Inn in Brooklyn Park. Make your room reservations by calling 763-536-8300 at a reduced rate of $99 per night through March 17th.  Plan to make the exemplification a weekend event. Check into the hotel on Friday and enjoying the Friday night mixer – dinner with entertainment featuring the “SNAP” a strolling Barbershop Quartet.


THE CANDIDATE EXEMPLIFICATION FEE OF $70: includes the lapel pins, social baldric, and ONE banquet ticket.  Be sure to review the weekend exemplification activities with your candidates. They are the guests of honor and they and their spouse should be encouraged to participate in all the events.


U.S. FLAG LAPEL PIN: Most of us received the October 4, 2008 revised Color Corp Drill Manual in the middle of January.  On page 11 it states “the only pin worn on the lapel is the official pin of the Fourth Degree, which is available from the Knights of Columbus supreme Supply Department – Item PG-113)”  In visiting assemblies for the renewal of their obligations, disappointment was expressed by Sir Knights in regards to this decision. I brought your concerns to our Vice Supreme Master and the following is his reply.

“The wearing of the flag of country has not been taken away.  It is still permissible to wear the flag and encouraged to do so.  It was left out of the drill manual for the simple reason that they are considering having a combined pin with the 4th degree emblem and the flag of country for the sake of uniformity.  Both the 4th degree pins and flag pins are varying so much in sizes and color that they are considering only having the one pin with size and color specs. That has not yet been decided.  Until that time, we will continue to wear both pins as in the past.”  Sir Knights put the American Flag back on your uniform.  


RECEPTION OF THE EUCHARIST - FYI: I recently attended an instructional meeting for “Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion” given by our Pastor Fr. John Gallus. During the session the question came up “how many times can a person receive Holy Communion in a day?”  Example:  A Sir Knight attends morning Mass and receives Communion.  Later in the day he attends a funeral and receives Communion again.  That evening his assembly has a memorial Mass can he receive Communion again?  The answer is NO!  He can receive Communion twice in a day providing the second time he receives is in conjunction with a Mass.  He can receive Communion three times in a day only if the third time he is dying and in danger of death.

FOURTH DEGREE CEREMONIALS REVISION:  The Minnesota District has received the Fourth Degree Ceremonial as revised and adopted October 12, 2008.  It will be utilized for the first time in Minnesota at the exemplification April 18th in Brooklyn Park. The exemplification should not only be exciting for the new candidates but also for the Sir Knights reviewing the new format for the first time.


RENEWAL OF OBLIGATIONS: The District Master and Marshal were busy in January participating with many of the assemblies in their Renewal of Obligations ceremony.  We extend our appreciation to the assembly membership for the hospitality and friendship extended to us and our wives. We also extend our thanks to Former Master Phil Harter and Degree Marshal Tom Hallaway for their participation in the ceremonials we were unable to attend.




REGALIA FOR SALE:  The Fr. Pierz of St. Cloud Assembly has 5 Red lined Color Guard Capes for sale and one Purple lined Cape.  A couple of the red capes and the purple cape are like new.  The assembly also has a few Chapeaux for sale including one with the purple plume which is also like new.  Satin lined capes sell for $95 from Lynch & Kelly, Inc. New Chapeaux sell new for $95.50 with a white plume and $103 with a colored plume.  Interested assemblies or Sir Knights should contact Faithful Comptroller Gene Reichensperger at 320-252-8175 to negotiate a deal.


PROMOTIONAL FUND:  The exemplification packet mailings included the form for computing the contributions to the Minnesota Fourth Degree Promotional Fund and the support of Fort St. Charles in the Northwest Angle Inlet. Your contribution to each is due March 1st and your promptness will be appreciated.  Thank you.


DIST. MASTER’S KC CALENDAR:                                                                                                               

Feb14th to March 14th - Mexico

Apr 17th & 18th – Exemplification – Brooklyn Park

May 15th to 17th – KC State Convention

May 19th to June 1st - Ireland

June 2, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Anoka Good Shepherd Assembly

June 4 – June 7th – Spring Meeting – Ft. St. Charles

June 9, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Buffalo Christ the King Assembly

June 15, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Minneapolis Nicollet Assembly

July 14, 2009 – Installation of Officers – St. Paul Ravoux Assembly

Sept. 15, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Winona & Rochester Assemblies

Sept 22, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Moorhead  Assembly


CORRECTION/ADDITION:  In last month’s assessment of the Honor Guard for the 34th Infantry Division, I failed to mention representation from the McGolrick Assembly of Duluth.  SK Bill Niedzielski drove from Askov, MN to attend the Mass and Honor Guard. Thanks Bill for your Patriotic support.


FRATERNAL SURVEY FORM NO. 1728:  Faithful Comptrollers the completed form 1728 for the calendar year ending December 31, 2008 should be mailed to the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Services, the Vice Supreme Master and the District Master by January 31, 2009.  If by chance you don’t have the mailing addresses please let me know and I will get them for you. The following assemblies have submitted the report: #526; 527; 529; 530; 531; 532; 533; 535; 536; 537; 538; 542; 544; 545; 546; 547; 548; 549: 551; 552; 1637; 2390; 2604; and #2649.  Thank you for your promptness.  If your assembly number is one of the 13 not listed you are late.  Please forward the report promptly. Thank you.


MEMBERSHIP is the asset of your assembly.  A few of the assemblies in the Minnesota District are realizing a decreasing membership base. Now is the time to make the visits to the Third Degree Councils and invite your third degree brothers to join you April 18th in Brooklyn Park.  Your assembly goal is 10% of current membership.  The goal can be reached with a little work.


TO MY BANK; Dear Sirs:  In view of what seems to be happening internationally with banks at the moment, I was wondering if you could advise me.  If one of my checks is returned marked “insufficient funds,” how do I know whether that refers to me or to you?


My best wishes to you and you’re “SWEETIE” for a VERY HAPPY ST. VALENTINE’S DAY. May God bless you in your efforts to build His kingdom and may he continue to bless America.