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Book 2008                                                   “IN GOD WE TRUST”                                      JANUARY                                                        

FORT ST. CHARLES is one of three projects sponsored by the Minnesota District of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus and the only charity in which the assemblies of the district has agreed to support financially on the basis of $2 per assembly member.  The question is often asked, “What is happening at the Fort?”  In answer to that question I want to share with you a letter received from the Fort St. Charles Secretary/Treasurer on the 2007 Fort St. Charles activity.  It states: 


I thought I would give a short review of the people that visit Fort St. Charles. We had approximately one thousand visitors.  They came from the local islands and from many communities of Minnesota.  Visitors also came from Costa Rica, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, California, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Texas, South Carolina, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, New Mexico, Idaho, New York, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Montana.  We also had guests come from Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.  Sweden was also represented.  Youth groups from camps and school children from the northern part of Minnesota came to visit the Fort.  The U.S. Counsel from Winnipeg also enjoyed the Fort grounds and left a bouquet of flowers with a note written in French.

A wife of a former 4th Degree Knight’s husband had helped restore Fort St. Charles years ago, visited on August 16, 2007.  Her name is Helen Pomjie from New Prague, Minnesota.  She was proud to come and see the Fort and sign her name.

As you can see many people have come to see this historic site for many different reasons.  We should be proud to continue to take care of the site for all people to see and to recognize what our forefathers accomplished.--------Respectfully submitted,-----Harry Dahlin---Secretary/Treasurer


RENEWAL OF OBLIGATIONS SCHEDULE:  January 19th – Albert Lea, Austin and Wells; January 20th - Brainerd, Little Falls and St. Cloud:  January 24th - New Prague & Shakopee.


DIST. MASTER’S KC CALENDAR:                                                                                                               

Renewal of Obligations – as indicated above

February 1st: 4th Degree Team Meeting – Bloomington

February 16th to March 15th – R & R

April 1lth to 13th – Exemplification – Oconomowoc, WI

April 17th to 20th Rochester Exemplification

May 15th to 18th – State KC Convention – Willmar

June 3rd – Installation of officers – Anoka/Fridley Assembly

June 16th – Installation of Officers – Bloomington Assembly

June 21st – Installation of Officers – Bird Island Assembly

June 25th – Installation of Officers – Rosemount, New Prague & Shakopee Assemblies

July 20th – Mass at Crow Wing Chapel – Brainerd

August 17th – K of C Day at the Dome




ROCHESTER EXEMPLIFCATION PACKETS are in the hands of all assembly FN and FC. Replacement copies can be found on the Minnesota Knights of Columbus web site:  I hope every assembly in the Minnesota District will be represented with bi-annual meeting delegates, Sir Knights and candidates.  The Rochester exemplification team has spent many hours planning this event in hopes your stay in Rochester will be very worthwhile. I have received a few reservations as of this writing.  Please keep them coming.


BIENNIALLY DISTRICT MEETING:  Faithful assembly officers, please reference Article V, Section 14 C and Section 15 of the Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree. On pages 6 and 7 of the October 2002 edition it relates to the District biennially meeting and delegate expenses.  “C” through “F” pertains to the meeting and the agenda.  Section 15 states:  “Assemblies shall pay the expenses of their representatives and delegates to District Assembly Meetings”.  Assembly Faithful Navigators are always one of the delegates unless he is unable to attend and an alternate is selected.  I hope we have 100% assembly representation.  Come and enjoy the weekend and contribute to the meeting.     


EXEMPLIFICATION GUARDS AND ESCORTS:  To exemplify a class of 4th degree candidates takes the involvement of many.  The Exemplification team and the Degree team needs the help and support of brother Sir Knights to make the event flow smoothly. I am requesting the help of the Sir Knights of your assembly to come to the exemplification and participate as table guards and escorts.  Full regalia with red capes are required.  If you are attending and can assist please notify my District Marshall Mike Brant accordingly.  His email address is:  Telephone: 763-421-2292 (business) or 763-441-4842 (home) Sir Knights in regalia are always welcome at the Exemplification Mass.


FOURTH DEGREE HALL OF FAME:  Enrollment application forms for the Minnesota Fourth Degree Hall of Fame were included with the exemplification packets.  I hope the officers of every assembly will allot some time to consider a nominee from their assembly for this honor. I know you have Sir Knights that have dedicated a lot of time to their country, community, church and the Knights of Columbus.  It just may take a little effort on your part to do the research. Mail the nomination application form to FM Phil Harter as indicated on the application form.


ANNUAL SURVEY OF FRATERNAL ACTIVITY – FORM 1728:  Faithful Navigators and Comptrollers, this form should be in hands of the Supreme Office, the Vice Supreme Master and the District Master by January 31st.  About two thirds of the district has yet to respond.  Your promptness will be appreciated.


THE FOURTH DEGREE AND THE NATIONAL SHRINE:  Faithful Comptrollers be sure to advise me of your assembly’s financial contributions to this cause. Several assemblies have advised of paying the full recommended contribution.  


REMEMBER THIS OBSERVATION:  “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”


LADY JAN AND I extend to you and your family best wishes for Very Happy New Year!


Please share this information with your assembly membership.  This “brief” may be copied or forwarded as deemed appropriate.  May God Bless you in your service to build His Kingdom and May God continue to Bless America!


Tom Grinnell – District Master

Minnesota District