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Book 2009                                                 “IN GOD WE TRUST”                                     March


OUR LADY NEEDS OUR HELP!!  I received the following message from Connie Schneider, Chairperson of the Family Rosary Processions Committee, St. Paul Archdiocese: “On Sunday May 3, 2009, Archbishop John Nienstedt will be officiating at the May Day Family Rosary Procession at the Cathedral (of St. Paul) and will bless a new statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This beautiful statue will then be made available to travel throughout the Archdiocese and then the state to promote devotion to Our Blessed Mother, her Rosary and the Holy Eucharist; we hope Our Lady’s Fourth Degree Color Guard would be involved in this endeavor.  This May 3rd, let’s line the streets of John Ireland Blvd for your family, my family and all the families of the world and for a renewed culture of LIFE!”

     What more can I say, except that I hope your assembly makes plans now to participate with your families in this procession.  SK Father Robert Altier, the Spiritual Director of Rosary Processions will be the guest speaker at our Exemplification banquet. I’m sure you will enjoy him as well as his message.


THE SPRING EXEMPLIFICATION of April 18th is rapidly approaching and your District Master is here to assist you, your candidates and your assembly in any way I can to make this week-end experience very rewarding.  As Faithful Navigators, Comptrollers, Sponsors and Sir Knights there are a few things you can do for me to make the preparations a little easier.  Please review the Form 4’s for completeness.  The candidate’s membership number and date of his First Degree should be on the application before it is submitted to me.  The application should also be certified by the candidate’s Council Financial Secretary to assure the candidate is in good standing with his council and signed by the Faithful Navigator and Comptroller.  A $70 candidate fee must accompany the application.  Submit the completed applications to me with the exemplification order form listing the attendees and the meals they intend to enjoy along with the payment for these privileges. If you have any questions regarding registrations; meals; procedures; or rooms send me an email or give me a telephone call.  With the exception of April 1st (fools day) I will be pretty close to home.  I hope to see you all the 17th and 18th.


NEW CANDIDATES for the spring exemplification will receive a letter of instruction from the District Master dated April 8th.  The letter will explain the particulars of the exemplification which pertain to their attire; their lady’s attire; lunch; their exemplification certification requirement; meal tickets; ladies events; the Holy Mass; and the Banquet.  This letter will be mailed to all candidates on April 8th that have completed applications in the hands of the District Master. Candidates will not receive the letter if their Form 4 is received after April 8th.  HOWEVER; keep the applications coming!  WE WILL TAKE CANDIDATES AND CANDIDATE APPLICATIONS UP TO THE TIME OF THE EXEMPLIFICATION provided the Form 4 is fully completed with the application fee of $70 and the candidate is in the proper uniform,  (Full tux or Class “A” uniform for military, police and fire personnel) and he has a picture ID and current Third Degree membership card.


HOTEL ROOM RESERVATIONS are completely sold out at The Northland Inn for
Saturday April 18th as of this writing.  A few rooms were still available for Friday night.  Room reservation cancellations are not uncommon so I suggest The Northland Inn be the first choice if you have not yet secured your room.  The telephone number for the Northland Inn is 763-536-8300.  Tell them you ware with the Knights of Columbus.  Additional hotels in the area are:

1.       Holiday Inn Maple Grove – 763-425-3800, located at: 11801 Fountains Way N., Maple Grove (Intersection of Hemlock & I-94 / Exit 28)

2.       Marriott Courtyard – 763-425-5355, located 11871 Fountains Way N., Maple Grove (Intersection of Hemlock & I-94 / Exit 28

3.       Stay Bridge – 763-494-8856, located at 7821 Elm Creek Blvd., Maple Grove (Intersection of Hemlock & I-94 / Exit 28)

4.       La Quinta Inn & Suites – 763-971-8000, located at 7011 Northland Circle, Brooklyn Park, (Intersection of Boone & I-94) This Inn is located across the street from The Northland Inn.


EXEMPLIFICATION HOSPITALITY ROOMS:  Many of the Assemblies in the Minnesota District are hosting hospitality suites.  Many friendships are renewed and many new friendships are made in these gatherings.  Please remember, that in accordance with the resolution past last year at the exemplification in Rochester everyone within a Knights of Columbus hospitality room must be identified as being with the Knights of Columbus by wearing an identification badge associating them with an assembly. This includes minor children.  Occupants of the hotel are not limited to the Knights of Columbus so no assumptions should be made.  


EXEMPLIFICATION ESCORTS AND DEGREE CORP ASSISTANTS! In the past these Sir Knights wore red capes for the degree and then changed into the cape of their respective office to participate in the Honor Guard at Mass.  This procedure has been changed so they need only bring the cape of their current office.


ELECTION OF ASSEMBLY OFFICERS:  Assemblies should have plans in place for their election of officers for the term of July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.  Officer nominations should be made at your April assembly meetings with your elections in May.  The officer installation ceremony may take place any time after the election keeping in mind that the term of office is not effective until July 1st.  Fourteen assemblies have selected the dates for their officer installation as indicated by the following calendar.  I might note that the District Marshal that assists me will be on vacation from June 20th through June 27th and I ask you take this into consideration when making your installation ceremony request.


DIST. MASTER’S KC CALENDAR:                                                                                                             

Apr 17th & 18th – Exemplification – Brooklyn Park

May 15th to 17th – KC State Convention

May 19th to June 1st - Ireland

June 2, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Anoka Good Shepherd Assembly

June 4 – June 7th – Spring Meeting – Ft. St. Charles

June 9, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Buffalo Christ the King Assembly

June 15, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Minneapolis Nicollet Assembly

June 27, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Bird Island Assembly

June 30, 2009 – Installation of officers –  Shakopee & New Prague

July 14, 2009 – Installation of Officers – St. Paul Ravoux Assembly

Aug 20, 2009 – Installation of Officers – St. Peter Assembly

Sept. 15, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Winona & Rochester Assemblies

Sept 22, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Moorhead  Assembly

Oct 8, 2009 – Installation of Officers – Sauk Centre & Alexandria Assemblies



God bless you as you reflect through Holy Week on His Son’s Passion and Resurrection. May He also continue to bless America.


Lady Jan and I extend to you and your families our best wishes for a Very Happy Easter. Christ will Rise Again!