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Book 2008                                                   “IN GOD WE TRUST”                                      September


THE WILLMAR EXEMPLIFICATION of October 25th is approaching quickly. I have received a few Form 4’s and membership meal reservations.  I would hope every assembly in the Minnesota District is represented and with a candidate.  You may recall that last year in Crookston we exemplified 62 candidates into the Fourth Degree with 37 joining the Bishop Corbett Assembly of Crookston.  Yes the Crookston Assembly has another candidate.  I have a completed Form 4 from the Most Reverend Michael J. Hoeppner, Bishop of the Crookston Diocese. Bishop Hoeppner will be in the Willmar exemplification class and a co-celebrant at the Mass following the exemplification.  I hope many of you will be in attendance to welcome him into the Patriotic Degree of the order.  His presence should also enhance your recruitment efforts.  What an honor to be exemplified in a class with a bishop!  I realize many assemblies in the Minnesota District are holding their first meetings of the fiscal year in September and October. Please make every effort to get your paperwork to me early, even if you have to make a couple of mailings.  Holding Form 4’s until the last minute will keep the names of the candidates out of the program.  It also creates a burden for the District Master and the candidate, as a letter of introduction and instruction is sent to each candidate from the District Master if time permits.  Yes, candidate applications will be taken up to the time of the exemplification, but this is risky.  The Form 4 must be completed containing all vital information including certifications, date of first degree, and membership number.  Candidates must also furnish a picture ID at check in and be dressed in the uniform of the Fourth Degree.  It could be embarrassing for a candidate and his sponsor if the candidate is turned away because he is not prepared for the degree.  Get the paperwork in early.  Thank you.



DIST. MASTER’S KC CALENDAR:                                                                                                               


Oct 3rd – 5th – Provincial Meeting – Oshkosh, WI

Oct 7th – Installation of Officers - Marshall

Oct. 10th – 12th – Exemplification – Columbus, WI

Oct 24th – 25th – Exemplification – Willmar

Oct 30th – Installation of Officers – St. Peter, Mankato & New Ulm & Waseca

Nov 2nd – Family event

Nov 6th through Nov 9th – Annual Retreat – Lake Elmo


 ELECTION DAY NOVEMBER 4TH is but 35 days away as I write this memo.  All Faithful Navigators have received a letter from our Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson regarding and “Election Day Turnout” initiative.  For you who may have missed it the following is a quote from his letter, “In this spirit, and in solidarity with our bishops and priests, I ask you to cast your vote in November, and to encourage your family and friends to vote as well.  But this year, I’d like to ask you to do even more: please organize an “Election Day Turnout” initiative, designed to ensure that your brother Knights, fellow parishioners and others in the community are all able to get to the polls on November 4th.  Many people, especially the elder and the handicapped, are not able to drive themselves to the polls, and need our help in getting there.”


Please reference the Supreme Knight’s letter for specifics.  Many assemblies look for ways to qualify for the Civic or Patriot Awards.  With a little imagination this could be a great opportunity.


POLITICS;   This past month a couple of our proclaimed Catholic politicians expressed their public “theological” statements on abortion and the right to life.  The statements generated much discussion and repercussions to their comments. Many bishops and priests responded to these comments in the news media and from the pulpit.  As Catholics and as Knights of Columbus we have a responsibility to respect and protect the sanctity of life.  One way to do this in a very peaceful way is at “the ballot box”.  Remove the “pro-choice” supporters from office.  As Catholics we may sometimes be confused as to our responsibility at the voting booth as it relates to pro-life issues.  I suggest you discuss this with your parish priest or I invite you to visit Catholic Online at  


THE MOST REVEREND JOHN M. LEVOIR was installed as the Fourth Bishop of the New Ulm Diocese, Monday, September 15th.  The diocesan office of New Ulm requested a Fourth Degree Honor Guard of fifty Sir Knights from the Archdiocese and the New Ulm Diocese.  Over 100 Sir Knights answered the call.  In addition to the Knights there were ten bishops and many priests, deacons, and sisters. The honor guard was large and beautiful.  I extend my appreciation to you Sir Knights for your dedication and participation. Your presence was certainly noted.


FAITHFUL NAVIGATOR PACKETS:  September 11th I received notification that the Faithful Navigator packets had not been mailed from the Supreme Office and that a letter would be sent to each assembly explaining the delay.  I trust you have all received the letter and hopefully the packets by this time.   In addition to the Navigator Packets a new book of “Laws and Rules” is in publication and should be contained within a “red cover”.   A new “Drill Manual” is also in its final stages but a distribution date has not yet been set.


Lady Jan and I extend to all of you and your families a very Happy Columbus Day (October 13th) and hope you will be able to do something Patriotic. Even a pledge to the flag or the singing of God Bless America would work.  Use your imagination.


Please share this information with your assembly membership.  This “brief” may be copied or forwarded as deemed appropriate.  May God Bless you in your service to build His Kingdom and May God continue to Bless America!


Tom Grinnell – District Master

Minnesota District