Knights of Columbus
4th Degree Emblem

Use and Care of your Ragalia



To attach the sword, turn the scabbard upside down and place into baldric clip. Then turn the scabbard around. It should now fit snuggly into baldric clip. DO NOT attempt to force the scabbard straight in to the baldric clip, as it will damage the clip.


When not in use, store your baldric on a hanger to prevent wrinkles. Should the baldric require cleaning, remove the silver clip by unscrewing the four fastening nuts (be sure to note the proper positioning of the clip prior to removing). The baldric may be Hand Washed Only in cold water with a delicate detergent such. as Woolite. Wrinkles may be removed with a warm iron.



best results, have someone help you put your cape on. The collar chain links should be closed as tightly as they as they are able to fit snuggly & comfortably around your neck. The two snaps on the shoulder and the one in the back should be fastened. If   necessary, smooth out any material with hands to lay flat.


When not in use, your cape should be stored on a hanger to prevent wrinkles. Avoid water whenever possible, as it will cause bridal satin lining to spot or stain. If necessary, the cape  may be Dry Cleaned Only due to the delicate nature of the fabric. Wrinkles may be removed with a warm iron on the reverse side of the satin.



When not in use, your chapeau should be stored in the chapeau case or in tissue. If the plume becomes flat, turn chapeau upside down & shake vigorously until plume is fluffier. Due to the delicate nature of its materials, the chapeau CANNOT be cleaned. The plume will ruin, as may the velvet. Please AVOID water whenever possible


Posted: 4 Oct 2006